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Hacienda | Loud is the Night | INTERVIEW AND REVIEW

Hacienda talks to Live Music Capitol’s Caitlin Leach at the Mohawk in Austin, TX about their new album Loud is the Night on Alive Records in stores Sept. 16, 2008.

Hacienda | Loud is the Night | REVIEW

By Travis Catsull

Live Music Capitol | Hacienda Loud is the NightDan Auerbach of The Black Keys refers to them as, “Mexican-Americans who are obsessed with the Beach Boys” and after listening to their debut album, Loud is the Night, that statement rings true. And it’s a harmonic ringing culled from another time and even with comparable efforts (The Carrots) cropping up in Austin, TX it’s reminiscent of another time zone. How about 1965, Huntington Beach, CA, the sun is setting and a friend opens a cooler of ice cold beer? That sounds refreshing and so does Hacienda. It’s exciting to hear a rebirth of 60’s doo-wop twisted tightly in a pop rock prom dress. Largely recorded in a home studio in Akron, OH with members of The Black Keys and Dr. Dog, the tracks roll out smooth with a comforting sincerity. From the song “Shake Ya”, Nature’s sun / why don’t you come out? / why don’t you feel good? / Yeah you know you ought to know / you say you love me, but you’re just too high bring an easy going, carefree feeling to carry us through the album. Loud is the Night has bolted from Hacienda’s south-central Texas estate to rave reviews and danceable convictions. Loud is the Night is the album to carry us into winter as they hop on the bus with Dr. Dog for a two week tour to NY in celebration of one of the most unique and promising releases this year.

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  1. Danny A says:

    I don’t usually dig stuff like this, but these guy have something good going on!

  2. Aja Schroeden says:

    Friends, thank you. Contributions to Japan

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